Thursday, January 24, 2013

Imagine...continuing the year with One Word!

Remember what you used to dream about doing/being or where you used to dream about going? Can you IMAGINE doing those things? Going to those places?

Well, God gave you those dreams for a reason!! They weren't just something to think about and NEVER were meant to ACCOMPLISH those dreams!!! You dreamed about those things so when you actually DID them, they wouldn't be foreign to you. Like practicing for the Super Bowl...and then GOING!!

What dreams did you have when you were younger? Have you accomplished them? What can you do TODAY (or tomorrow!) to jump start that dream so it doesn't die? 

If you've forgotten dreams of your youth, perhaps ask the Lord to bring them back to your remembrance or to give you new dreams, goals, and visions!  

When my twin sister and I were younger, we used to watch "BJ and the Bear," a television show about a hunky truck driver (Greg Evigan) and his pet monkey driving an 18-wheeler around the country.  Well, that's what I wanted to be!  Then, "CHiPs" came out with the ever popular Ponch and Jon (Eric Estrada and Larry Wilcox), and my sister and I decided we wanted to be motorcycle cops!  We would ride our Huffy Cactus Flower bikes in tandem, just like Ponch and Jon.  Soon, those dreams faded, and we would play school (my sis was the teacher and I was the student) and television news (I was the news anchor and she was the weather girl!).  Some of those dreams may have been (and really likely were) based on emotions rather than a leading of the Lord, but now as women in our early 40s, I have a degree in journalism (UNC '08!) and she has a degree in teaching (UNC '11).  Those things we played as children were merely practice for our lifelong callings.  

 As I accomplished one goal and saw a dream come to pass, I felt the Lord bringing back to my memory my passion for writing.  Now, I am on the cusp of publishing my first three-part book series and going to writing conferences!  He truly knows the plans He has for us, and they are better than we could ever hope, think, or imagine!  

So again, let me ask you, what are those things you've dreamed about doing in life?  What would you do if you could financially succeed in anything?  Can you imagine??

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