Monday, November 30, 2015

Vision Boards: Gathering Supplies

This week, we're going to collect our supplies for making our vision boards! Below are a few of the basic things you will need or want to do before we begin.

First, purchase a board. This could be anything from a cork board to poster board or even foam board. Something you can stick your photos and words to, write on, etc. and that is big enough to fit all your dreams for 2016!

Next, you'll want to get some photos. Magazines are great for that, so is printing off pictures from the Internet. Something that reflects your goal or vision. For example, if your goal is to pay for a family vacation to Disney World, you might find a photo of Cinderella's Castle or the infamous Epcot silver ball. Something that shows your destination, people you want to reach, island or country you want to visit, books you want to write, etc.

Then, you will want to refer back to your SMART goals. Here's where you're going to print of the deadline and perhaps cost for your goal or vision. Using our example of a vacation, you might print out the cost and due date for payment like this, "$4,976.20 by July 28, 2016!"  I downloaded the Disney font to use, too. On another sheet of paper you might even keep a record of your progress like the photo below:

Finally, you'll want to post encouraging quotes that will continue to motivate you to achieve your goals and vision. Zig Ziglar quotes are some of my favorites and you can find those on Use Scripture, too! Nothing activates your faith like applying the Word to your situation!

Additional things you will need include some sort of glue or tape (I use a tape runner so I can cover the variety of zies of my photos and glue tends to make magazine pages weak and tear easily), perhaps some decorative stickers, and some sort of adhesive or other way to hang your board up. Adhesive putty works well, but may stain walls. I like 3M Poster Strips or thumb tacks that I found at Dollar Tree.

Now we're all ready to assemble our boards, but that will happen next week! Be creative. Be specific. Be brilliant! Own your board!


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