Monday, October 24, 2011

What comes first?

As the youth pastor at our church, I make it a point to put my youth group kids first.  Many of them haven't experienced that sort of feeling in their own families so it's new to them to be offered snacks first or for me to pour their soda or for one of my kids to offer their seat to a new student.  I have driven to a hospital to visit one of my youth kids even though the hospital was nearly 50 miles from my house and I enjoy the freedom to go and pray or visit with my youth kids at a moments notice.
Recently, I felt inclined to apply for a job outside the home.  My current position at church is volunteer, and many things we do are at a cost to the students or myself.  As I contemplate my first day at work, I am conflicted though.  I know that the Lord has plans to prosper me and to give me a hope and a future.  So why am I so compelled to work somewhere that doesn't fit with my position at the church?  I've been praying about this all weekend, and the Lord brought a word from a wonderful 17-year-old girl right to me.  She is in music ministry with her parents and has been literally since she was born.  She is also an national championship shooter.  I asked her how she managed the shooting tourneys with being on the road.  Her reply rings in my head even now:  "Oh, my ministry comes first!  Anything else I want to do, I do when we happen to be home or when we have down time from being on the road."  MY MINISTRY COMES FIRST!  Those words are echoing inside and stirring up the things of the Lord.  Am I truly putting my ministry first?  Am I truly putting these kids first?  I think the message is one I will meditate on and seek the Lord's Will through and through. 
If you're in a similar situation, I can't tell you what to do.   But I can point you to the Word and to what God says about performing your ministry, your calling and let His words guide you.  I believe for each of us, He works all things for good and I also believe He knows the desires of our hearts and will set everything up to achieve His overall purpose in our lives.
May you seek, and find the answers to the questioning of your place in this world!

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