Monday, June 20, 2016

Welcome Back!!

Actually, it's not you that has missed these posts--it's ME! But I'm back and ready for what the Lord has for me and for YOU!

Recently, I took some time off from the blog to spend much needed time with my sister and dad. We had a great week and made fabulous memories! I can't wait for the next adventure we have. I began thinking about the legacy my dad is leaving me and that I am passing on to my children. While we were on our trip, I shared some of those things with him. Often little sayings or a quippy comeback from one of my children, knowing it was something "GranDad would say!" My dad has a unique funny side, a pleasant and caring side, a smirky, sarcastic side, and a loving side. I have enjoyed becoming his friend as we both grow older, and I'm glad I can pass a bit of him in me onto my own children and grandchildren.

I know I am passing on my dad's legacy, and in doing that, my grandchildren will in a small way know their GranDad when he is no longer with us. For now, though, there will always be "GranDad Adventures," random games of baseball (or some semblance of baseball!), quippy comebacks, and memories made every step of the way.

This is what the Lord wants of us, too. He wants us to pass on His character, His responses, His voice, His heart, His adventures, and our testimonies of all of those to our children and grandchildren. What a joy to pass on these things of my father and Heavenly Father to my family!

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads in your life! 

Have a blessed week!


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