Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Challenge--book review

Accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior is only the beginning of a Christian life ; living out a life of Christ is the challenge!
The Challenge — Victorious Living in Another Kingdom offers help in practical means for building strong Christians as well as strong and dynamic Christian communities. Applied wholeheartedly, The Challenge will lend itself to forming a solid and maturing nucleus of believers who will bear one vision, hold to one purpose, and speak with one voice.
What I liked about this book were the practical ways to help bring out my best as a Believer.  Mark includes topics of reflection such as accountability, faithfulness, prayer, lawlessness, the government of God, service and servanthood, and obedience.  With strong Biblical examples as guides, Mark shows how to correct problem areas in our lives and how to build stronger, more consistent habits of Christian living.

Mark's thirty plus years of ministry experience--from pastoring to international ministry--have uniquely given him a world-view needed by today's Church.  His ministry is at once challenging and encouraging issuing from a life of prayer and the Word of God.  Mark currently pastors in Colorado with his wife, Patty.

Purchase "The Challenge" at Amazon.com or through Trafford Publishing!

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