Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Next Big Blog Hop!

This provides an opportunity for authors to show off their craft to others. I was tagged by @FindMeb427 (Allisia!) Thank you for the tag, and I can't wait to read all about the new books coming out!!
 I have tagged Tracy Craft and Heidi Kreider! These authors have great talent, and you should check out their books!
Next Wednesday, these talented authors will be posting on their blogs, so be sure to visit and keep the Hop going!

Let the questions begin:

What is the title of your book?
I have three novellas in a series--The Melody Series (Most of the stories take place in the fictional town of Melody, Georgia!):
Book One:  The Choice
Book Two: The Decision
Book Three:  The Breakthrough

Where did the idea for the book come from?
The ideas for these books were birthed from a class I took in college.  We were challenged to rewrite a familiar family story in the eyes of someone else.  It was then I found my "voice" and the books just came from that muse!

What genre does your book fall under?
I suppose they fall under Christian fiction romance, mostly.

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?
This series will be self-published and available about the end of March!

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?
The first book is still in progress.  I sort of wrote them all out of order!  The first book that I wrote back in 2008 took about 14 weeks and became the second book in the series.  The next two were NaNoWriMo contenders, so they were written in 30 days!  The Choice was not finished at that time and is technically the first book, but The Breakthrough was finished and is the last book!!

Give a one-sentence synopsis of your novel:
When life seems to fall apart around you and all you hoped for is snatched from your grasp, remember God has better things in store for you--more than you could have ever hoped for, thought of, or imagined!

Who or What inspired you to write this book?
Those who have had an impact in my writing are Candace Calvert, Shawn Grady, and my professor, Renee Klug!!  I was inspired to write these books because I know the Lord gave the ideas to me years ago and sitting on them might be withholding a blessing or a word from the Lord to others.  It was definitely time to write them!!

What else might pique the reader’s interest?
I write my books in first person, present, which is not a point of view many writers use!  I like the feeling of things happening NOW, not what has happened...I've started writing the next three book series--The Dissonance Series!  Yep!  Based on the fictional town of Dissonance, Wyoming!!  this one has a military flair to it!

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