Monday, August 8, 2016

First Things First

I know many of you are busy, like me. There are things that have to get done throughout the day: kids needed to be taken care of, laundry needs to be done (is it ever REALLY done?!), meals need to be planned and cooked, if you homeschool lessons need to be taught, there is cleaning to be done daily, errands to be run, and so many other things through the day and week. Devotions are no different than the meals we need to eat or the lessons we need to teach our children. We need to make time and make sure we spend time with the Lord at the start of our day.

If you don't make time already in your daily routine for time in the Word of God, I want to encourage you to start doing that now. We're each given the same 24 hours in a day. But the Word tells us to be watchful of how we spend our time.

So today, even if you had a plan to do your devotions and time got away from you, make a point to pen in on your calendar time with the Lord. Start your day by giving God your first few moments of the day. Give Him your first and all else will fall into place throughout the rest of the day! Seek first--FIRST--the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and He will give you everything else you need!!

Have a blessed day!!


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