Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday 'Fess Up

Have you ever noticed that clutter seems to simply appear in a certain area? One minute your desk is clean and cleared off, and the next minute (or so it seems), it's a cluttered mess. Slowly, we place a piece of mail there, move it to the side, and another soon after. The area on your desk begins to resemble a post office sorting area before you know it!

Our lives become cluttered in a similar way. We might take on an extra hour of work, an extra duty at church, a needed role at the homeschool co-op. Suddenly, we turn around and see how busy we are and that our busyness has caused a lifestyle of clutter.

My confession today is that I'm taking time off to declutter: my desk, my school room, and my life. It's okay to re-evaluate what it is we are doing and to see if those things are pointing us more toward our goal and vision! I will continue blogging, so don't be concerned that you will miss the weekly Homeschool Hump Day Encouragement or the Friday 'Fess Up! Those will continue as normal. I'm going to take time to evaluate what I'm doing and eliminate those things that are wearing me out, pulling me down, and moving me away from my vision rather than steering me closer to it!

Take time this weekend to seek the Lord as you re-evaluate what you're doing in your life. Take time to declutter and give yourself permission to step out or away from those roles or positions that don't fit into your own vision.

Have a blessed weekend!


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