Monday, August 22, 2016

What Are You Expecting?

Expectations are a wonderful thing to have. They can help focus you and guide your path toward the will of God. Have you ever thought about what it is, though, that you're expecting? When a farmer plants his corn seed, he doesn't expect to harvest watermelons. NO! He planted corn seeds, and he expects to harvest corn. When we work for a wage, we expect to get paid the money we've earned, not to work for free. So it is in our lives, the seed we plant is the harvest we can expect.

This weekend I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Jerry Savelle preach as he concluded his Chariots of Light Christian Bikers tour. He made me stop and think about what it really is that I am expecting from the seed I've sown and about the great things God has for me. Personally, I had to come to understand that God wants me to prosper, so I should EXPECT to prosper. I shouldn't expect to live in lack because that's what I'll get, just what I was expecting. Instead, I should expect to prosper and expect to live in abundance! 

With that, it takes faith, and faith is an active thing not a passive action. You don't say, "I have faith for that," and sit there. No, you get up and begin applying your faith through the Word of God, speaking the Word, by looking for opportunities, and by being willing and ready when God tells you to go somewhere or do something. 

We sang a song as the service ended. The words were:

The song goes on to say that "my breakthrough's coming!" When you plant that corn seed or you work for a wage, something has to give way, break forth. The seed will begin to sprout; you'll get your earnings from working. Your breakthrough is coming! Don't give up. It could be just around the corner! 

What are your expectations? Do they line up with the Word of God and His will for you? What are you expecting God to do in your life?

Have a blessed, victorious, breakthrough-is-coming week!!


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