Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Miracle of Christmas

I cannot imagine what God must have been thinking and feeling when He sent Jesus to live on Earth among us!  On the one hand, he certainly felt joy, excitement, peace, great pleasure, and a wealth of love we can never comprehend.  On the other hand, He knew Jesus would only be here a few decades, that he would die on the cross, that there was no way that God could do that for Jesus, and that he would die but also, although seemingly impossible, he would come alive again. It's difficult to wrap my head around the events leading up to Jesus' birth...

There are many things I have mixed feelings about in my life as well, just as God did.  I know I am called to be a writer; that really gets me excited, happy, bouncy (if I can be that!), and ready to see what stories He has for me to write next.  But I think about how many people my blog reaches, the process involved in publishing, the many types of publishing and it all starts to seem impossible to me!  Sometimes, it's like a sign telling me to STOP!

The good news is it's not impossible...at least not to God!!  Just as He sent His Son as a babe in a stable to save the whole world's population from sin, watched Jesus die and raised Him who conquered death, God can and will do the impossible in your life, too!

Think about your most impossible Christmas miracle or highest expectation of the Lord in your life...what does that look like?  Is it something you might be able to do yourself?  If it is, you're not thinking big enough!  Think bigger!!  Maybe it's restored relationship, the supernatural healing of a loved one, a significant increase in finances, the opportunity to do your dream job or career, a trip you never thought you could take, the life you always dreamed you would have.  Give all those things to God, and ask Him specifically for those things!  Get a vision for those things now!!!
Several months ago, I talked about vision boards.  Read Habakkuk 2:2, and get the vision of those dreams, those ideas, those miracles and impossibilities down in print and in pictures to help you keep them in front of you all the time!  You were born, just as Jesus, for such a time as this!  What is the Lord laying on your heart to do? 

Though this year is nearly over, the New Year and new opportunities the Father wants to put in your path are just ahead of you!!  Opportunities others may view as impossible...you may even feel that way at times.  But remember the events of Jesus coming to save the world...born of a virgin; laid in a manger; only a few knew and believed in Jesus' true reason for coming; fully God and fully man.

May you find the impossible possible with the Lord this Christmas season and all throughout the New Year!!!


The Parker Family-2012

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