Tuesday, June 17, 2014

TIP TUESDAY: Life Hacks for Women

Those who know me know that if I can find an easier way of doing things, I'm going to do it!
Today I want to share a few "life hacks" with you. These are common, everyday items that can be used in other ways to make your day just a little bit easier!
  1. Use a hair straightener to iron the collars of button down shirts and the hems of shirts. 
  2. When travelling, pack your shoes in a shower cap or thick socks to protect them.
  3. Soak nail polish bottles in hot water to loosen the seal of hard-to-open bottles. 
  4. Add style to plain bobby pins by painting them with nail polish. 
  5. Add ribbon, beads or glitter to plain flip flops for a new summer look.

Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest

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Via Pinterest

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