Monday, June 2, 2014

Feeling Restless? Find Out WHY?

About seven years ago, I had this feeling that I could or should be doing something more than what I was doing. It was like a sense of urgency overwhelming me. That restlessness prompted me to pursue going to college for my Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification. I thoroughly enjoyed the classes and going on the ambulance calls as I went through my clinicals. But I still felt unfulfilled. I was still restless. A year later, I broke my big toe at the foot and was forced to stop working as a lab technician at our local clinic. So I decided to ask God what it was He would have me do. I felt His gentle nudging to get back to the dreams of my youth; my dream of writing. Now I still have those restless pangs, but it is for my characters in my books and what they are going through, and I know that I am fulfilling the call God has put on my life.
If you are feeling restless, I have good news for you. It's normal! We strive for those things that God has for us and we can only fulfill them once we truly know and have found what He has called us to do in life and for the Kingdom. In Her book Restless, Jennie Allen uses the story of Joseph to show threads in his suffering, gifts, relationships and his story and how they fit into the greater story of God. By identifying threads in your life, you can also identify your gifts and how they ultimately fit into the overall plan God has for your life. If you can't come up with commanalities throughout your life, just ask the Lord to reveal that to you, and He will show you!

That restless feeling? It's a part of becoming who God designed you to be!!


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