Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday 'Fess Up

My 'fess up this week is that I am finally feeling like I'm getting back on track with the calling the Lord has given me. And yet there are some things I am still unsure of, but I know the Lord will work it all out. Sometimes you just have to push some doors to see which ones will open and which ones you need to leave alone!

If you've had a time of uncertainty, wondering where you're supposed to be going in life, and how everything is going to play out, just trust the Lord. He has plans for you better than you can ever hope, think, or imagine! He has your best interest in mind and He knows the gifts you have to be used at a specific time and place. Don't get so wrapped up with thinking that confuses you. Meditate on the Word and know that He is in control!


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