Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday 'Fess Up

Ever have a day similar to this...?

I planned to get up early, shower, write my blog post for the day, take a friend's daughter to school, and watch youth from my organization take off on orientation flights. Then I would work on school, catch up on emails, check my students' work, and have a relaxing lunch with the possibility of a nap! But then, I got up later than I planned, didn't write because I needed to pick up my friend's daughter, and barely made it to the airport on time. And checking on emails and doing school just didn't happen. Can you relate to a day like this?

No matter how we might try, sometimes our plans for the day, week, or month just go awry. As women we have so much we try to do everyday and if we don't accomplish everything, we feel like we perhaps have failed for the day. But that isn't true! You see, when you plan to do 100 percent but only hit say 50 percent, you've still accomplished more than if you hadn't planned to hit anything all!

One of my favorite sayings is:

Even if you don't accomplish all that you set out to do, remember what you did complete and achieve today, this week, and this month. Celebrate your victories!


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