Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday 'Fess Up

I find the summer to be a wonderful time of the year. I know, I know. "How can you possibly think that?! It's so hot out!" Well, for me, summer feels like a time to reboot my systems. Not just homeschooling (we DO school year round!) but my health, my exercise, my cleaning, and my relationship with the Lord. Often throughout the year, I get busy, too busy really, and I feel myself letting a devotion time slip here and there, miss my workouts or eat fast food on the go. I had a crazy busy week just last week and did a lot of that!

But summer is my most relaxed time and the time I can start making lists of things I need or want to accomplish. Even public school teachers use this time to rework their classrooms setting the room up in a more efficient manner than they had the year before (you didn't REALLY think school teachers were off ALL summer, did you?). It's a time of aiming to get back on track and to re-examine goals. And this is a great time to do a "One Word" check up!

My confession today is that I am getting back on track! Starting here and starting now, I'm not necessarily starting over, but I am starting to go!

What are you doing to get back on track? Or do you stay on track most of the time?

Please share! We'd love to hear!

Have a blessed weekend!!


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