Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday 'Fess Up

This week did not go as I had planned. How many of you feel the same way? I had planned to get so many things done, and I just didn't get them all done. My  husband, who is a truck driver, was delayed and had to stay over in Utah when he is usually home by Thursday night, so that really threw me out of whack! But I also think it's good to be caught off guard once in awhile.

If we become so accustomed to days going this way or that, we may miss a blessing in the process. We may simply go through the day, and eventually the whole week, almost on autopilot, missing the Lord's hand on our lives here and there. My confession this week is that I tried to pay more attention to the Lord working in my life this week than I normally do. Oh, sure. I notice His favor in finding a parking place a bit closer to the door of the store or stopping me at a red light when a driver runs a light and would have hit me. But I'm talking about those moments when you realize, "Wow! That was so God!"

Each week I pack my husband a lunch before he heads out on his route. That lunch is usually 2 sandwiches, and just enough for the work day coming up. In the winter, I do pack more. But if he gets held over for any reason, having to stay the night in a hotel, he just has those 2 sandwiches for up to 48 hours! Well, a few weeks ago, a friend gave my husband a gift card to a fast food restaurant. When my husband called me the morning he knew he was going to be gone longer, I immediately thought of him having just those two sandwiches. THEN, the Lord reminded me of the gift card! My husband had not one but two meals out of that while he was gone, making the longer drive easier.

I also experienced an opportunity to pray when I was hosting my weekly teen group at our church. None of the usual youth were there. But I was called into the pastor's office to pray with a dear friend. Had I not been there or had decided to leave early rather than staying for the full time, I would have missed God using me to pray for this woman!

If I had gone through the week as I normally do, attending meetings by rote, I might have missed God! Next time your week seems to be going a bit wonky, off whack or seemingly out of left field, remember, Mama, God has a plan!

Have a blessed weekend!!


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