Wednesday, February 15, 2017

When Mom Is Sick: A Resource for Dealing with School

*I originally posted this in 2014, but since I've been sick for the past two days, I felt as though it was relevant to share once again! I hope this helps you in your homeschooling week. Enjoy my glamorous picture, too! 

So many of my homeschooling mom friends have been dealing with being sick a varying levels. I thought I would re-post this wonderful guide and resource for you so you can create your own fall back plan for the times you are not feeling well or need a fallback plan for blah days!

I've created a sort of list of ideas for homeschooling moms when it is Mom that is sick!  After all, some learning can be outside of the box on a day when Mom just isn't feeling well.  So what sorts of things might a homeschool mom have for her children to do when she is down for the day?  As the mother of a Civil Air Patrol cadet, I often hear my son call his element the week before their next meeting and tell them the POD, plan of the day.  But how exactly do you create that in advance?

Well, perhaps when you are feeling well, you can create a "Mom's Sick" folder that has lists of things the kids can do, that have some educational value, while you are in bed, trying to breathe, or not feeling altogether able to school that day.  This folder might include things like a list of games to play such as Sorry, Yahtzee, Scrabble, Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, etc. (this will be dependent on how old the kids are!), watch movies such as Anne Frank, The Hiding Place, Disney movies (if those are something you normally watch), etc. (Again, age appropriate...mine are 10 and up!), writing prompts, math drills, and books to read. Then they are prepared to go to the folder if need be, and everyone sort of knows "the Plan"!

Another thing I did when I was on bedrest with my second son and had a 2-year-old running around was to purchase plastic knives and put the peanut butter and jelly where he could reach it.  I simply showed him how to make sandwiches and put things away and he thought that was the coolest thing.  He made them everyday for about 5-6 weeks!!  Plus, I knew he would eat PB&J.  This  may seem a bit like a "fend for yourself" attitude, but I honestly could not get out of bed and didn't have anyone to help!  So lunch was always taken care of for him.  He ate breakfast with my husband and members of our church brought dinners nightly!

Finally, when mom is sick, this is a great opportunity to teach your children to be compassionate, caring and nurturing.  After I had my wisdom teeth removed a few years ago, my youngest daughter asked me all the in's and out's of caring for my mouth after the procedure.  She made a point of knowing that I needed table salt and warm water after eating, and when I needed to take the antibiotic, that it needed to be taken with food, and how many pills I got.  She was almost five years old and knew not to take any medication unless Mommy says it's okay, but she would bring me the pill bottle and I could take my medicine.
In December 2007 after I had all four wisdom teeth removed!  I know, PRETTY!

These are just a few examples of getting through a school day when mom is sick or otherwise not able to perform her teaching duties, but I would love to hear how you might handle some sick days in your family!

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