Friday, February 3, 2017

Friday 'Fess Up

As you know, my One Word for the year is "FLOURISH"! Our chosen word is meant to help keep us focused, keep us looking toward the visions we have, and allow us to work toward the goal of that word.

My confession to you is that this week, I didn't feel much like I was flourishing. In fact, I felt that everything was pulling against me doing anything like that! I wasn't thriving, increasing, growing, abounding, expanding (except maybe my waste line!), making steady progress, or at the high point of my life!

Then I began to take notice of things. I believe the Lord is allowing me to go through a "weeding out" process in life right now, and here is what I can see happening:

  • I've stepped out of a leadership role in the youth organization I work with, and God is giving me opportunities to work with another group of youth!
  • I've reclaimed some of the time that was being stolen from my calling, and God is giving me more women to disciple!
  • I've focused on doing my Bible School assignment more, and God has grown my faith more and more. (Remember the furnace episode?!)
  • The things that were sucking my time and stealing me away from my family and calling, have slowly been slipping away to make more time for the things He has called me to do!
I encourage you today to find synonyms for your One Word! Write them down, print them out, get them in front of you (Habakkuk 2:2), so that you may see it every day. Take survey of how the Lord is allowing you to grow and change. Can you see your One Word playing out in your life even now?

Have a blessed week!


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