Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dreams to Destiny

Discovering Your Purpose in the Kingdom

Did you dream of growing up and making a career out of your passion?  As a kid, probably not.  But as an adult you more than likely remember those dreams.  Those dreams were God's way of preparing you for your role in the Kingdom.  
We've talked a lot about vision boards, dreams and asking the Lord to remind us of those things He had planned for us when He created us.  Those dreams matter!  They are not insignificant or impossible or too big because God gave them to you to be fit into a particular place and time in His Kingdom.  You are valuable and so is the purpose God gave you in this world.  You were made to affect some part of the world, whether a few people, a city, a state or a nation!
Our pastor spoke in his message on Sunday of the story God is writing of your life.   I look at people who have had an incredible change come over them and the prompting of the Lord changing them overnight from a gang member like Nicky Cruz, and I can't help thinking, "I don't have a story that awesome."  But what I do have is a testimony of the Lord's hand in every aspect of my life, watching over me and protecting me throughout the years.  
I once heard someone say, "Don't worry about what others are doing.  Keep your focus on what you should be doing."  That is so true, especially in our world of instant gratification.  We want results right now, and sometimes it becomes easy for us to fall into the trap of being envious and jealous of those who seem to have what we want or who are where we want to be in life goals.  It is our opportunity at those moments to stop and consider the fact that God's timing is perfect!  He created us to do a specific thing at a specific time to be of the most benefit to the Kingdom of God.
Once you believe you have heard from the Lord concerning your calling, ask yourself, "What is one thing I can do today to start moving toward that purpose and calling?"  When you have an idea, just start moving toward that goal.  It is a step of faith and you must begin by moving.


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