Friday, August 23, 2013

Motivation and Passion

What Drives You in Your Calling?

I've been watching a particular detective type show recently.  It's not new or anything, but I have watched as the characters take on "jobs" to help people in need.  So I got to thinking, "What motivates those types of people to just do things to help others?"  The answer is, it's their passion that motivates them.  Now, I know it is a television show, but there are people like that around in real life, too.  
I also started thinking about what motivates me in my calling.  My passion is writing and public speaking.  What motivates me in that is doing it!  I feel a flow of words often when I sit at the computer and read over my stories.  My passion for writing drives me to do more and more until the conclusion.  My love for public speaking is motivated by having a captivated audience.  That's one reason I teach Sunday School!  Well, that and I love the kids.  But the bottom line is that I feel motivated when I'm doing what God called me to do.  It's almost like an adrenaline rush when I begin speaking words encouraging and empowering others in their calling from the Lord.
Your passion motivates you, too!  What is the thing that God put in your heart to do?  That thing that lights you up and propels you?  Has your passion become like a long lost friend?  Ask the Lord to remind you of that thing He called you to do.  Your passion, your calling is in your DNA!  You were created to do the thing that God wove into your very being.  The thing you get most excited when talking about, that is your passion!  Take an inventory of your interests and ask God to reveal your passion to you.  He will answer you because no one can do the thing God called you to do except you!

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