Thursday, August 29, 2013


It May Just Be the Hardest ASK For!

Have you ever been in a situation where you are asked to forgive someone?  I have compassion on the person asking forgiveness in many cases.  But what about the times when I have to ask forgiveness?  Maybe I messed something up.  Maybe I dropped the ball on finishing a task.  Or maybe the Lord showed me that I had let offense creep into my heart and fester like a small wound that I simply grew complacent within me.  
That is just what happened to me!  The details aren't as important as the fact that I had become offended over something from several years ago and only realized it this past weekend.  When did I push it down so far that I didn't even see it any more?  I remembered one seemingly insignificant event, and I believe that was the moment that little offense took root and grew.  
Several years ago, I took over our church overhead team.  I came up with a great name (VIEW:  Visually Improving and Enhancing Worship.) and researched a few software options we could use.  In the end, we went with another program that someone else had experience with and still use it today.  It isn't that it is a bad piece of software.  I find it very easy to use.  I just allowed the moment when someone else decided this piece of a bigger picture to offend me.
So this weekend, I talked to our pastor's wife and told her of the whole occurrence.  She was very compassionate, but I felt awful because it wasn't my intention to be offended and I love my pastors.  But now that we have cleared the air, we can move past this and focus on the ministry of VIEW.
Is there something in your life that seems disconnected or broken?  There may be an offense there that has passed into your life unnoticed.  Ask the Lord to show you any area that you may need to ask forgiveness and to direct you in your words to anyone you might need to speak with.


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