Monday, September 12, 2016

Highest Expectations

Originally posted on September 5, 2013:

Trusting God in Every Step of Your Life

Recently, I found myself meditating on the idea of trusting God in every aspect of my life.  Throughout various situations over the past several years, I would tell friends when my husband and I were adding another baby to our family, "I'm trusting God for the number of children we have."  Or I would say, "I'm trusting God for the right job for my husband."  The problem was, until recently, I'm not really sure how much I really did trust God in those situations. 
You see, there is a difference between trust and mental agreement.  Trust requires a level of respect, love, and devotion.  Mental agreement just means that you can justify agreeing with facts or reasoning, but requires no commitment or relationship.  So I began asking myself:
  • Do I respect the Lord?
  • Do I love my God with everything I am?
  • Am I fully devoted to doing whatever He has for me and receiving all that He has planned?
Last year, our pastor challenged the congregation to write down three of our highest expectations of the Lord for the year.  That is my challenge to you, too.  What are three things that God would have to do, not that you could accomplish yourself, but that you have to fully trust God to see completed in your life?  
  • A better paying job?
  • Publishing a book?
  • Clients for your business?
  • Working at your dream job?
What would you include?

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