Friday, September 2, 2016

Friday 'Fess Up

This week, I made some choices. Choices that allowed me (or FORCED me in some instances!) to step out of my comfort zone! It's not easy to do. If you've ever done something that was simply a challenge for you, not a bad thing or against the law, nothing like that. Just something that challenged you, then you know what I'm talking about!

When I was finishing my journalism degree eight years ago, I took a Voice and Presentation class. I have no problem with voice, just ask any of my friends and family: I love to talk! But the presentation part meant going on camera as though I were a real television news anchor. I was 38 years old at the time. I chose to interview a good friend of mine, which made me more relaxed. But at the end of the show (I titled it"The Lyn Parker Show"!!), I voiced my insecurity to my professor who then told me that "some people are natural in front of the camera and some are not. You have a beautiful face for radio." I was crushed.

I knew I wasn't a slender beauty compared to me 18-20 years younger counterparts. But it was that moment, those words, that stopped me from ever doing anything on television or YouTube or video again. I stopped having my picture taken with my family turning to the role of photographer so I had an excuse to NOT be in the picture! I hid, just like Adam and Eve. Now I hadn't really committed any sin in not being on camera...had I?

Well, I realized the other day that perhaps my professor didn't see me as someone worthy of a place on TV News, but maybe my Father God did! A friend called me to interview me and talk about my books, "The Breakthrough" and "Damaged." This interview would be on YouTube for anyone and everyone to view! Those thoughts of inadequacy came rushing back into my mind, and then I heard myself tell my friend, "I'd love to do that!" WHAT?! Mouth, what have you said?! I had now made a commitment to my friend and had to stick with it.

I prayed that those fears would be banished from my mind as I sat and talked with my friend and the live studio audience. And God met me there. I didn't focus on the camera or how I looked or if I was sitting correctly. I simply talked to my friend about the books and of course, about Disney! God will produce good things in us, if we just take that step of faith and of trust in His will for our lives. Stepping out of our comfort zones is hard! But it can also be so very easy when we place our trust in the God-of-Angel-Armies!

Step out of your comfort zone this week!!


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