Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday 'Fess Up...With a Twist!

I originally posted this in January 2014. But it's so relevant for me today! I want to reignite the passion for my vision and my calling that I had when I first knew what it was I wanted to do and knew what God called me to do. Sometimes we have to look for opportunities to refresh that vision and go after it like we did in the beginning.

Enjoy this flashback!!

Ignite a Fire for Your Passion

(C) Captured Memories 365
I've been thinking lately about the surprises God has given us and those He has in store. Good surprises to propel us and our visions to their ultimate fruition. One of the things that excites me have been attending writer's conferences. I went to my first conference last year in Spokane: Inland Northwest Christian Writer's Conference. It was amazing and so very exciting! I had no idea whatsoever what to expect. I left feeling as though I had gotten all the keys to writing that I needed to start me on my journey. Conferences are like school for me, continuing education credits for my profession. They just excite me and surprise me all at the same time.
So what excites you? What lights a fire in you that you get really excited about doing? When God created you, he predestined you for a specific assignment and calling. And the goal of that assignment was winning the lost for the Kingdom.
Today, I want to hear from you about your passion. What is it that excites you that the Lord has called you to do?


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