Monday, September 19, 2016

What's My Calling?

Originally posted September 2013:

Ways to Find Direction & Get the Vision God Has for Your Life

We've talked about getting the vision God has for you, but you may be wondering how to start identifying what your purpose is.  Prayer is a great place to start!  Ask the Lord to show you what He made you to do for Him in this world and in this life.  And then take an active role in seeking to close in on that purpose.

Here are some ideas to get started:
  • Brainstorm things you enjoy doing.  Just write down anything and everything you like or think you would like to do.
  • Write down hobbies you used to enjoy.
  • Write down jobs that interest you.
  • Write down what you would do if money were no object.
  • Write down nations that come to mind.
  • Write down people groups that move your heart.

Those are all great ways to identify what the Lord has placed in you, in your DNA, to do with your life!

So get to jotting down those thoughts and ideas!  May the Lord reveal your purpose as you meditate on those dreams.


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