Thursday, September 8, 2016

Homeschool Hump Day Encouragement

One of the things I liked most about homeschooling was the ability to customize my children's schooling programs to fit their needs, not to fit that of a book or some random scope and sequence. I found that there are many things throughout our normal day, whether schooling or not, in which my children had an opportunity to learn. And isn't that what our end goal is...for our children to become independent, lifelong learners?

I began having my children find the best bargains when grocery shopping, follow recipes to make dinner, and do yard work. We planned a garden, worked to create a new backyard patio, and studied a variety of art media. Remember, school doesn't have to look like a brick-and-mortar building or like public school at all! Learning that is fun, child-led, and guided will produce confidence in children to investigate those things that interest them potentially directing them to the calling God has on their lives.

How do you deviate from a normal homeschooling day? What sorts of things do you and your children learn throughout the week?

Have a blessed week!


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