Monday, August 18, 2014

Defeat is NOT An Option

I really enjoy writing. I've written three books, one that has been published, and plan to write more. I am an independently published author which simply means that I publish my own books. I know I was created to write. It's what is in me to do! A talent that I know is a gift of God and I will write even if I never catch the eye of an agent or publisher. Defeat, not succeeding, failure is not an option.
What is your heart to do? Maybe it's writing. Maybe it's creating a group for young mothers. Maybe it's a mentoring organization for youth. What's stopping you from achieving that goal? Are you listening to the lies Satan is spewing at you? The lies that say, "Who are YOU to think you could do this?" "That idea won't get off the ground. Why are you even bothering?" "No one in your family ever amounted to a hill of beans and you won't either!"
Are you going to continue listening to those things and let them bring you down and take the focus off your goals? NO! So fight back...with the Word of God. What does God say about your idea or goal?

I'm not going to show you the Scripture references for these, but I want you to look them up! You find them, say them, get them in your spirit and don't let Satan into your life to lie to you anymore!


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