Monday, August 4, 2014

Understanding the Spiritual Battles in Your Life

Yesterday was a weird day. Chalk it up to the fact that my husband had worked almost 24 hours straight at his job and I had been up just as long waiting for him or delve deeper and realize what was really going on was a battle not of this world.

We had gone out to lunch after church as we always do, but this time my husband seemed to get easily irritated with me. He began to snap back at me over little least it seemed like little things to me. After coming home, I had asked our boys to mow the lawn. This is one of their weekly chores, but our youngest son hadn't been trained on the ins & outs of mowing the backyard yet and had asked my husband for help. When my husband didn't reply, our son went downstairs to watch television. I the mean time, two of our other children wasted no time in mowing the front lawn, pulling weeds in the pansy bed and weed whacking along the front curb. Those devoted children were allowed to go on a bike ride.
The youngest son returned and wanted to play soccer out front, but I told him he couldn't since he hadn't mowed yet. He got an attitude, still didn't want to mow, and rather than stopping and taking the time to adjust him, I simply went out and mowed the backyard myself. My husband tried to get me to stop and let our young son to finish, but I informed him that no one would show our youngest how to navigate the backyard to mow it correctly. (There are branches and other "hidden treasures" in the backyard that must be avoided!).
When I was finished, my husband and I had some words. Not hateful, but the kind you know will be an intentional dig at the other person. Before I knew it, I was in my van and going. See, when I get upset, I clean, but when cleaning no longer satisfies my inner conflict, I go for a drive. As I was driving, I heard the Lord say, "This isn't about who would teach your son to mow, what your husband could have or should have done, or even about the words you said to each other. It's a spiritual battle. Satan is trying to divide you on the day before you celebrate a commitment to stay married no matter what." 
I drove home and my husband and I immediately made up, asking forgiveness and apologizing to each other for the words, actions and attitudes we each had. You see, this isn't an isolated incident in the life of a Christian. We daily battle things thrown at us by Satan. Sometimes it's little things that go by barely noticed, if at all. But sometimes, it takes a toll on the Christian warrior and we drop our swords not wanting to continue to fight the spiritual battle and taking on an unnecessary one in its place.
So next time you have an argument, or dare I say a fight with a loved one consider the real reason behind it. It's probably not you and the other person not loving each other but rather Satan ramping up the spiritual battle against you that is taking place.
If you keep God at the center of your relationships, you can fight any battle that comes your way, spiritual or otherwise!


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