Monday, August 25, 2014

How Did I Get Here?

Realizing When You've Strayed Off God's Path

I closed my eyes as our pastor began to prompt us to repent for getting off track, off the path and plan God had for each of us. Oh, my gosh! I have strayed off that path! But when did that happen and why didn't I realize it sooner?!
It's true. I know that my calling is to influence woman and encourage, empower and edify them as wives, mothers and homeschoolers. I thought I had done pretty well by keeping up with my daily blog posts. But the reality is (as many of you already know!), I wasn't doing as well as I thought or as I tried to pretend to be. I have gotten behind over the past several months because my focus shifted to something else.
I made a crockpot of homemade vegetable soup the other day. But soon, events of the day took us away from home and the soup sat, simmering on low for the rest of the evening. The next morning I awoke and knew I needed to put the soup in the freezer for another night. But again, the events of that day became hurried and the soup was left yet another day in the crockpot, now set to warm. By the afternoon of the third day, it had turned rancid from neglect and I had to dump it out. A wonderful meal wasted by my own neglect. And that is what happens with our lives sometimes.

Satan likes to take those moments when we are so busy, so overwhelmed to blind us to what is really going on. He tells us lies that make it seem okay to continue even though each time we give more face time to that other thing, we're really pulling ourselves from the one thing God wants us to be doing.
It's alright to stop and re-evaluate where you're at!

  • Are you still on the right path? 
  • Has something else taken more of your attention, something not part of God's plan for your life right now? 
  • Have you stirred and paid more attention to one pot while another sits and sits and gets stale and rancid?
Take the opportunity right now to repent and ask God to forgive you for neglecting the call on your life. As moms and wives, our calling might be to school our children and take care of the home. It's not too late to set yourself back on the path God planned for you in the first place. Get back today!


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