Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday 'Fess Up

My 'Fess up begins with an apology. I MISSED Friday 'Fess Up last week! I'm sorry, but it happens occasionally that I get overwhelmed with our busyness and simply get too tired to write posts.
But today, TODAY I remembered!
My 'Fess Up doesn't end with confessing that life gets in the way. I must confess that I often get fed up with the attitudes of others, especially when they increase stress in my life and add to the chaotic busyness that consumes my days and weeks.
But rather than fighting them or getting an attitude myself, I pray for those who persecute me. That's difficult to make time to do. I wrestle with my flesh-man and want to spout out snarky words. But in my spirit, God speaks to me about what the right thing to do really is:


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