Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday "Fess Up: Taking A Stand Takes Courage

This week, I shared a post on Facebook. It created a heated debate between me and a young, new Christian. In the end, she called me horrible names and not only unfriended me, but blocked me as well. I was so hurt because really it wasn't a big deal, and I thought that as a Christian she would and should see the truth.

What the Lord showed me instead was that it wasn't me she was upset and angry with; it was a battle with her flesh-man and her spirit. There were concepts and ideas that the world called normal that she still wanted to cling to, but that as a Christian we now know aren't part of God's plan for His children. I took a stand to continue sharing the truth, and in the end, lost a sweet friend who desperately needs mentoring and to be discipled in her walk with the Lord...but she also wants to have that accountability, too. I can't make her have a relationship with God, just as He couldn't make me choose Him as my Savior.
It takes courage and strength to be a Christian. You may lose some friends. You may gain friends. And you will definitely have plenty of opportunities to share Jesus with others. So don't be afraid to take a stand for Him!

What have you had to take a stand for recently?


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