Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Homeschool Hump Day Encouragement

Homeschooling, at times, can seem like a solitary, isolated journey. But it certainly doesn't have to! Sure, we have our own set school times that maybe don't align with those of our friends. Yeah, we want to hang out with fellow homeschooling moms. So how do we go about meshing the two? Like this:

  • Set playdates with other families
  • Have get togethers that are masked as field trips to the local zoo or museum (School and fellowship in one!)
  • Join a Facebook group for homeschoolers that has Park Days listed
  • Join a homeschool group that meets regularly and set aside time to attend meetings
  • Research your state's homeschool group for a list of activities with other homeschoolers
  • Start your own gathering time for homeschoolers you know

Before you know it, you will begin your journey toward refreshing yourself for homeschooling and you will prevent that isolation feeling!

What ideas do you have for avoiding isolation in homeschooling?


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