Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Homeschool Hump Day Encouragement

Have you considered the effect homeschooling has on your children? I'm not talking academically necessarily, but have you taken inventory of what your children are learning and receiving by your loving gesture of educating them? Here's some food for thought if you're feeling like your children aren't learning like they should be.

Homeschooled children learn by example how to pray, They learn to start the day by devoting time to God. They are taught when there is a family crisis or situation to pray first. They are learning how to interact with and respect others no matter what age. They learn to quietly entertain themselves as mother has coffee with a friend. The children learn to work as a team to complete household tasks. They learn to love others unconditionally. They learn to help a brother or sister so mama can nurse the baby. They learn compassion and often mimic mama's words and gestures when a brother or sister is upset or not feeling well. They learn responsibility as they tend to their own household chores. They learn to put God first. They learn to not be afraid or ashamed to talk about Jesus.

The list can go on and on, and it certainly is by no means inferring that only homeschooled children learn these things! Specifically referring to homeschooled children and the parents who perhaps feel as though "my kid didn't do any school today and we got behind," I want to encourage you that even if school doesn't look like the public schools or doesn't involve one of the four basic academic areas, your children are learning life and spiritual skills that will take them far in life! Learn to look beyond academics for learning and see what your children are really capable of in their young lives...


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