Monday, August 17, 2015

Expect Surprises!

This past Wednesday, our church bought the building we had been renting for seven or eight years. The Lord worked everything out and it was in His perfect timing. When we went to church for services on Sunday, there was a very different feel than when we were not the owners of the building. And to top it all off, the chairs we had donated to another church, were returned to us and all set up for when we came in for praise and worship! It was a wonderfully, unexpected surprise and took me back to the past 19 years we've been partnered with our pastors. But the surprises our church family experienced this weekend are not just for the church; they are for its members and in fact the whole body of Christ, too!

Did you know God wants to surprise you with good things? And He wants you to be excited about every part of your life expecting those surprises! Recently, I surprised my husband and son, in a little way, but it was so fun to be holding on to something until just the right time, knowing it would make them smile and a bit more happy that day and for days later. Our Father God is no different! He's holding on to surprises for us for just the right time, too.

Let's look at Job 5:8--

You see, there's no end to what He can and WILL do to surprise us in our lives! This week, be expecting those surprises and give Him glory for them!


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