Monday, August 31, 2015

It's Okay to Be Happy!

As you may remember, my husband and I went on a trip to celebrate our 25th anniversary. We went to our favorite theme park destination that has always brought joy to us and our children. A couple of days into the vacation, I began to feel guilty for enjoying the time with my husband and with our son who graduated from high school last May. I was having fun, laughing, being silly, and just relishing the moments with my middle son and husband, but I felt bad for being so happy.

That isn't the Lord's way, though. He doesn't make us feel guilty. Guilt is feeling remorse, regret for wrongdoing. Wait a minute! God wants us to enjoy life and be joyful. So why was I feeling this way while having a wonderful time with my family? In short, because Satan uses our minds to cause us to doubt God's love, goodness, and awesomely amazing plans for our lives. Satan wants us to believe that we can't be happy unless we aren't suffering for Christ. That is a lie from the Prince of Darkness!

God wants to give us good things, even vacations, that will rejuvenate us, refresh our passions He's given us, and to empower us to pursue Him more deeply and zealously! 

So next time you're feeling guilty about being happy, enjoying your life, and celebrating wonderful trips, remember, the Lord wants good things for you! Don't feel guilty about being thankful and joyful for that!


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