Monday, August 10, 2015

One Word Check-Up

Earlier this year, I encouraged you to choose "One Word" to guide your year and help keep you focused. How has you "One Word" helped? Are you staying focused on what the Lord has for you? Have you struggled with reminding yourself of your "One Word"? Maybe you've even forgotten what word you actually chose for the year! Or maybe you're drawing nearer to the Lord? Is your calling becoming more and more clear? 

In this "One Word" check up, take time to re-evaluate how your year has been going. Look at the focus of your last several months. Remember, your "One Word" is supposed to help you draw closer to the Lord, keep you focused on what He has for your life this year, and drive your actions and purpose for the Kingdom of God.

How has your "One Word" allowed you to pursue the things God has for you? Take time to evaluate and look back on your year so far. He's got far more in store for you than you could ever hope, think or imagine!!


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