Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday 'Fess Up

Last week I made a pledge to live in the now and not necessarily look toward tomorrow. The Bible tells us that tomorrow has enough worries of its own! But I have not been very successful in staying focused on today. But there is a very good reason for that!

You see, my husband and I are traveling to Disney World to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary and our middle son is coming along to celebrate his high school graduation. How can I possibly stay focused on today when TOMORROW I'll be on a plane with two of my favorite guys and will have 8 full, uninterrupted days of making memories with my husband who is a truck driver and my son.

So today my 'fess up is that sometimes, no matter how you might try, it's difficult to live in today. Even beyond my upcoming trip, I find it difficult to not think about upcoming appointments, meetings, classes I'll be teaching, etc. So how is it that we are to live in today?

The answer is more complex than what I'll address right now. But it begins with staying in the Word of God. I realized last night, while I was excitedly thinking about my trip and the things I want to make sure I pack, that to stay in today, to maintain that focus above all the distractions and upcoming events, I must be in the Word. 

Stay in the Word and stay in today!


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