Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Homeschool Hump Day Encouragement

I was reading
a post on one of the homeschool sites I follow, and a new homeschooling mom wanted to know if anyone had used this particular curriculum successfully from Kindergarten through high school graduation. Let me first tell you that when you are starting out, don't look at high school as you begin Kindergarten. Homeschooling is a year by year decision, and while you can certainly have high school graduation as the end goal, you will stress yourself if you look at that rather than the current grade your child is in.

When we decided to homeschool all of our children, we knew public school was not an option. The overall plan was to homeschool through high school. We have done that successfully with five of our eight children and look to the same conclusion of homeschooling with the remaining three. But you have to take homeschooling year by year. We need to present here and now as we educate our children and focusing on the end as we begin Kindergarten could sabotage our homeschooling efforts altogether. Even public schools don't use the same curricula from Kindergarten students to high school students! And we certainly made adjustments and changes to our base curricula as we schooled our children, mainly because each child learns differently.

Today, as you homeschool your children, remember to be here with them and their learning now. You can definitely plan to school through high school. But if you have young children, don't be concerned with if this curriculum or that is going to make you successful for the next thirteen years! Focus on providing them, instead, with the best education you can no matter what curriculum you choose to use.


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