Monday, February 29, 2016

Vision Boards: Check up

This weekend I met with a good friend of mine. We were discussing vision boards and the things we had placed on them as well as our Top Ten lists. One thing we talked about was what to do once we achieved a goal.
You see, some of my top ten goals were less specific, yet even early in the year, I've achieved some of those things. So what do we do now that we've achieved some of those goals? Well, we cross the old one off and put a new goal in its place!
My friend gave me seven areas to consider when making my list, too. She said to make goals for each of these areas:

When looking at each of these topics, we can probably come up with two or three things for each. That will give us a list to draw from as we complete things of our vision boards or Top Ten lists! All that we need to do is prioritize those things from the topics above.
And lastly, don't be afraid to remove things from your vision boards either. If you haven't worked toward accomplishing it or done anything to move toward that goal, it's likely that you're not really as passionate about that thing as you had once thought you were. Remove it and put something else in its place!

How are you doing with your vision boards and goals? Share them here!


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