Monday, February 1, 2016

Making Lists: Get Organized, Stay on Track!

Last week, I posted about completing some things on my daily to-do list. A well-meaning friend sent me a comment because she thought it sounded as though I was finding my worth in my to-do lists. So that made me stop and think for a moment. Do I gain my worth from my lists? Actually, I think I do...but in a positive way!

I asked my Facebook friends to share what they consider to be a productive day. What does that look like to each of us? Many had lists, literally, of the things they like to accomplish in a day. So I began to think that accomplishments make us productive and accomplishments make us feel more like we're getting things done because, well, we are. One of my good friends offered this insight:

"(There is a) feeling of success at having accomplished your list. Most of us feel it by some sense of having done something. (This friend is) mixing up accomplishment with worth!"

Another friend said that she considers a productive day to be one in which she is able to get up, get coffee, and spend time in the Word before she tackles her daily list of things to do. Still, another makes lists on clipboards for different areas of her life like housework, her home based business, and homeschooling.

I began to see a pattern in each friend's response. We all seem to make a list of some sort throughout the day or week. Our time is valuable to be used spending it with the Lord in devotion time and prayer, serving our families, and working on the things that need to be accomplished everyday.

When we make lists we are organizing our time. When we organize our time, we stay on track with accomplishing things for the Kingdom of God and the direction we're headed where our visions, dreams, and goals are concerned.

While I agree there is a danger in finding our worth in our lists, let's not forget that our time is worth something, too, and we need to make sure we stay focused on accomplishing our goals and those things on our vision boards! Those goals, dreams, and visions were given to us by the One Who holds us as highly valuable!


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  1. If I make a list for the week of activitys I want to get done then I feel accountable for the time God has given to me. In the flesh it is too easy to loose track of tv waching or pintrest trolling. I look back and wonder where the hours have gone. Accountability...not would have, should have, could have, but thank you Lord for giving me another day.