Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday 'Fess Up

I can't do it all. Yep! That's my confession for today. How many of my sisters can relate to a day like this?
You have to run one child to a school function, another child has a dance performance, another child needs new pants for that dance performance (and it's the day OF the performance!), you have an appointment, you need to be at another appointment following watching a friend's concert, and you feel like you have to get everything done or someone will be disappointed maybe even mad at you if you don't.

Well, sister, living your life like this--me living MY life like this--will only wear us out! We have to have a stopping point or we're going to become exhausted from trying to please everyone. Set priorities for what we can and will be able to do, and don't feel bad or even guilty about having to say no sometimes. We simply and literally CAN'T do everything!

So when those requests come in from friends to join in on a friend's night or a brother or sister wants you to attend a concert or one of your children has a music performance, have your priorities in place so you know what you can really do without becoming overwhelmed!

Have a blessed weekend!!


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