Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday 'Fess Up

We've been talking about how we simply can't do it all. Something has got to give or we're going to end up doing things part way, not giving anything our full attention.

Well, today my confession is that I have had to make a few difficult decisions recently. But I can see the other things I'm doing in my life begin to become more fuller and gaining more of a priority in my life. By cutting out those things that don't move you closer to your goals and vision, you will actually begin to move closer TO your vision!

Now that I have eliminated some of the things from distracting me from my vision, I am also finding that there are even more things that I can withdraw from. The goal isn't to find out how few things you can do, but rather to focus in on those things that are a part of your vision and that move you toward that vision.

What things can you eliminate? What things do you need to say "no" to in order to move toward your goals?

Have a blessed Memorial Weekend! Remember the families of those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom...


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