Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Homeschool Hump Day Encouragement

The day has finally arrived when you graduate your oldest child from high school, having homeschooled through most, if not all, of the school years. It’s been a trying journey, but you have successfully finished homeschooling…at least for one of your children.
But now what? What do you do when homeschooling comes to an end? Where can your student turn from here? That is a question to which you and your student will learn the answer by the time you get to this point!
Here are some examples of possible opportunities that your student can take advantage of that are beyond the normal scope of attending community college or university:
·         missions trips
·         online college
·         trade/technical school
·         professional performing company
·         real-life work experience in the field of work in which your student is interested
·         apprenticeship
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Each of these will direct your student’s further learning and can be specialized and customized to that field or industry in which your child is interested. The overall goal for my husband and I with our children is to produce lifelong learners who are willing servants to be used in whatever capacity God has predestined them. He gave them gifts and talents and we believe it is our job, our duty as their parents, to give them as many opportunities to fulfill that calling as we can.

So ask your students as they enter their freshman year of high school what they enjoy doing, what they can see as their career, and what their passion is. Believe it or not, they probably are already leaning toward a particular profession even now.

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