Monday, April 3, 2017

Finding Your Calling

If you're like me, at one point in your life you turned your face toward the sky and asked God, "Why am I here? What is my purpose?" You know that God predestined you for some position in the Kingdom, but you may not know just what that assignment or calling is. So how do you know what you're supposed to be doing? That's what we're going to talk about today!

First, think back on things you did when you were younger and write those things down. Don't discount anything, really. For example, if you played with dolls, write that down. My sister and I used to play two different things, for the most part. We played TV newsroom, where I was the reporter/news anchor and she was the weather girl. Then, we played school where she was the teacher and I was the student. Today, I have a degree in journalism and my sister is a teacher! She was made to work with children, first her own as a homeschooling mom, then as a public school teacher. Isn't it amazing how God prepared her for that?! While I don't work for a newspaper, I do write and edit a nationally distributed magazine. Sometimes, we just need to get back to what God put in our hearts when we were young to find our calling.

Next, ask yourself, "What brings me the most happiness and am I passionate about?" The things you're passionate about, by the way, are those things that you can talk about easily, you get excited about when someone mentions that thing, and that you would probably do (or are doing already!) even if you didn't get paid to do it! That thing you thought about doing last year or the year before or the year before that? That is more than likely something God has for you to do!

Finally, pray. I know this probably seems obvious, but I think it's necessary to mention. When you pray, ask God to bring back to your memory those things you were passionate about. If you have ever had someone tell you they could see you doing this or that, it could be something the Lord had previously asked you to do or given you a dream for and that person was carrying the message to confirm that to you. Ask the Lord what He has for you and commit to doing whatever that is! 

As Paul said to the Corinthians:

(C) Mandie Vigil 2017 Used with Permission

Have a blessed week and start walking toward your calling!!


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