Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Week in the Life--Day Three

Today started out with a well thought out plan...and ended there.  My mom took me out for iced tea, I exchanged some shorts at the newly opened Goodwill in town and took my niece to work.  I dropped mom off to window shop at a local thrift store, ran back to pick up some much needed paint samples at home for my niece, picked mom back up, met with my friend to give her our donated items for their Silent Auction, picked up my kids and took them to the Rec Center for a little pool time fun!  Mom and I walked around the track there and then took the kids to lunch.  I also had the privilege of seeing my second oldest son and brought him lunch, too!  When we were done there, we went back to the house to drop mom off so she could take my niece to her other job, then I left for the Carbon Valley library.  We have missed our library days, but we are back into the swing of it once again.  I picked my sister up from work and got her some dinner, and dropped her off at home.  By now, it is 4:40 p.m.!  I met my husband at his part time job just so I could see him and tell him I love him and kiss him...When we were done there, I received a text message from our theatre owner and friend who asked if my teenage son and daughter could do a scene for the theatre's Sneak Peek this Friday and Saturday.  I am soo impressed with my kids ability to learn and RETAIN script lines and lyrics so quickly, and of course the teens were ecstatic to be asked to do the scene.  Now I am writing my blog, helping hte kids work on some English, then I'll move on to my book and we will soon leave for their rehearsal.  Dinner is going to be a meal out tonight, but we are so enjoying our time in rehearsals and at the theatre.  To end out the day, a friend has hired me to be her house cleaner!  AND she has two other people who may possibly be interested in using me to clean their homes!  I love it when the Lord leads and directs me in such a manner that I didn't even see the goodness and THE BLESSING coming!!!  Busy day tomorrow, too...can't wait to write about it all!

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