Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Week in the Life...Day Five

I knew I should have written this post last night, or at the very least, as events happened.  I'm afraid I don't remember ALL of what I did on Friday!  I believe this was the way my day went, as far as I can recall...

I woke up and got the kids breakfast and then packed our pool bags to head to the Rec Center.  We took my niece to work, got lunch and then headed to the Goodwill to buy pants and shirts for the theatre's Sneak Peek.  Having acquired our needed items, we next headed to the pool.  We so enjoy our time in the water!  After an hour or so, we went to Wal-Mart and I treated the kids to an ice cream from the McDonald's in the store.  I was supposed to meet a friend to go walking, but plans changed a bit and I ended up at her house, drove back to my house and walked to the lake from there.  I enjoy my time with my bestie and know that our lives are so intertwined that we feel as though something is missing if we go a day without talking or texting or Facebook messaging each other (THAT rarely happens, though!)!  When we finished our walk, we came back to my house and my friend left.  I had the kids get ready for the Sneak Peek and we were soon all dressed and ready for our big night!  We had a great time performing, as usual, and our night ended as we came home and promptly went to bed.  Saturday would be much more busy!

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