Friday, April 20, 2012

A Week in the LIfe...Day Four

Today started off with my husband running late for work.  He sets his alarm, but I set mine as well so that I can be sort of a back up alarm to ensure he gets up and ready to go so he isn't late.  Unfortunately, I did not make sure he got up and he ran 15 minutes late to work.  My sister had asked if I might print off something for her to take for her students at school, so I ran those over to her house since my hubby did not have time to as we had planned.
Next, I came home and wrote more of my book.  My mother called and needed help with her printer, so I went downstairs to her area in the house and fixed that for her.  I printed out some worksheets for my kids to do throughout the day.  Since I was not introducing new topics, concepts, skills or materials, much of their work was practice or review.  I made sure the kids ate breakfast and then let them watch "How It's Made" for a brief time.  A little while later, I took my niece to work and had planned to attend a meeting with some business associates. But I had as I was talking to a friend, I realized that she and I needed some time together to just visit and have time away from the daily weight of our lives.  We ended up having lunch out and had a good time in each other's company.  It is so important as women and as mothers that we make sure we take care of ourselves and one way we can do that is through fellowship with our sisters in the Lord, even if it means missing a meeting because one of our sisters is more important.  I really enjoy my time with my sisters, and I make it a priority to see that we meet weekly.  We also ran over to the newly opened Goodwill in our town to see if there were any good deals, but we left empty-handed.  When I came home from a wonderful time with my friend, it was nearly time to pick up my niece from work.  We took her to get lunch and brought her home to play with her cousins.  My kids really love their cousins and look forward to every opportunity they are given to be with them!  While they were visiting and eating lunch, I cleaned the kitchen and loaded the dishwasher wiping off the counters and stove as I finished.  Before I knew it, the time came to take my niece to work and pick my sister up from her job as a teacher at a local charter school.  I so enjoy just those few short minutes I have with my sis to visit, catch up and be silly and yesterday was one of those days.  After I took her home, I realized I only had a few hours before my kids and I had to be at rehearsal for our theatre's preview show: The Sneak Peek.  If I was going to get a nap in to my long and tiring day, now would be the time.  But that didn't happen.  I straightened up my bedroom a bit and watched an episode of an old 90s television show.  By the time it was over, my husband came home from work, moved our utility trailer from the front to the back yard and the children and I readied ourselves for the upcoming rehearsal.  My husband came, too, which was a special treat for all of us.  Rehearsal was long and tiring and I don't even have a big role in the musical we are doing, "Into the Woods."  We didn't get home until almost midnight, which is unusual for our theatre.  We normally don't run that late.  When I got home I had to finish a discussion post and then I promptly feel asleep!  I woke up at 6 a.m. today, surprisingly!  The plan for today is to have a day off of school and to relax before the Sneak Peek tonight...Well, that's the PLAN!

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