Monday, November 25, 2013

Book Reveiw: One Year Amish Peace

Finding Peace in the Simplicity of Amish Living

I have had the honor of being on Tricia Goyer's 2013 Launch Team. A few weeks ago, I received the One Year Book of Amish Peace to read and reveiw. What I enjoyed most about this book is that it matches the Word with practical, simple Amish values. Daily devotional time can be accomplished in just a few minutes each day. Tricia gives the reader a glimpse of what it is like to possess Amish morals and values in a pleasant manner. It is a joy to read of the simple things in life that we should cherish and focus on in addition to the Lord. I'm thrilled to add this to my daily devotional time with God. If you enjoy Amish history or the lifestyle, this book is a must have!
The One Year Book of Amish Peace: Hearing God's Voice in the Simple Things
You can find One Year: Amish Peace on Amazon and Barnes & Noble!!

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