Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Financing Your Dreams

Do You Have a Budget-Based Vision or a Vision-Based Budget?

I love to daydream about what my life would be like "if money were no object." I had never stopped and thought about what I was saying about my dreams. I did not realize that I was actually limiting God in the area of our family's finances.  See, I was thinking about what I could do based on the income we already have.  I wasn't thinking about the size of my vision and how God could finance all of it!
I had a budget-based vision.  I thought, "What can I do with things they way they are right now?"  Well, the reality is that I could do very little,especially if I was going to rely on my ideas and strengths to accomplish goals rather than on what the Lord could do for me.  Instead, I believe the Lord wants us to adopt a vision-based budget to see our dreams and goals become successful.  
Here are the final thoughts I want to leave you with.  We need to get a vision for our money in addition to our dreams and goals.  Can you see how money would help in your calling?  Can you believe the Lord in faith that He will provide the funds you need to fulfill your vision?  And lastly, remember that you may not have what you need, but you are never without the seed to obtain it!  


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