Thursday, December 19, 2013

Bless You

More Than a Nicety When Someone Sneezes

As I sat writing in my Thursday office (Panera!), someone nearby sneezed. I instinctively offered, "Bless you!" to the gentleman. He thanked me and commented that you never know when you'll sneeze and have a heart attack. How true!  

As is quite typical of me, that comment got me to thinking. What if I hadn't said those polite words expressing a common politeness? What if he needed to hear those words of blessing, not just because he sneezed, but becauase of something I had no idea was going on in his life? What if those words lifted his spirits and were instrumental in him have a better day than had begun for him? 
Our words really do impact the people in ways we cannot fully imagine or comprehend. Our words, when coupled with our faith, can change the course of an out of control car, sickness and disease that would attack us, or even change the course of a war as happened when Rees Howells prayed during World War II! 
I know when I've had an off day or a bad day, an uplifting word from a friend or even a stranger when I hear it and accept it has turned that day completely around for me! I believe that our words have power and that we can change not only our day but the day of those we encounter. 
What can you do or say to someone today that will encourage them?


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